When someone says Amish, images of horse-drawn carriages, black and white clothing reminiscent of the days of Pilgrims, big bushy beards, and living without any modern technology come to mind. But what about Amish made furniture? The Amish are excellent craftsmen, and handmade Amish furniture is valued not only for being beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, but for being high quality pieces as well. Purchasing Amish furniture for your home can provide you with sturdy pieces that can last for generations. How this furniture is made, what is it made from and how and where can you purchase it are things to consider when buying your Amish furniture.

All Amish furniture is handmade by craftsmen without the use of electric tools. However, some cessions are allowed for craftsmen to use hydraulic or even pneumatic (gas) power. Pieces begin by the selection of the wood for each piece. Whether it is Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, or Cherry, each piece of wood is hand selected. Craftsmen pay attention to the grain of the wood, and while many buyers don't think about this, considering the grain of the wood when assembling a piece of furniture is vital in assuring the proper look for the final piece. When choosing your piece of Amish, worrying about the color of the wood is not a problem. From many types of woods to come from that have their own natural hues, to a variety of different stains that can be used on the pieces, you can find a color to perfectly fit your home. Never paint your Amish furniture, however. Because the Amish take such care in selecting the wood and making sure the piece is naturally beautiful without artificial paint to cover it, it would be a shame and disappointment to cover all of the exceptional craftsmanship.

All Amish furniture is not the same. While to the average consumer, wooden furniture may appear the same; there are different styles of Amish woodworking. Called Mission, Shaker, and traditional. Knowing a little bit about these styles and others can help you make an educated decision on what furniture would best fit your style and your home. Some of the things that distinguish Mission style woodworking are clean, straight lines, and joints that are exposed. If you're looking for a more modern look, Mission style will fit your home well. Shaker has slight similarities to Mission. It has clean straight lines, but there are slight tapers and arches on legs, aprons, and door panels. Whereas Mission style does not feature any moldings on their pieces, Shaker does offer simple moldings. Anything that doesn't fall into these previous two categories of Mission and Shaker is considered traditional. This includes anything that has rope twisted legs, more ornate detailing, and more. The moldings on traditional style furniture will also be more detailed, some with a rope twist, or a wavy style. So when you're looking for your piece of Amish furniture, you can have an idea in mind of which style of craftsmanship will be right for your home. There are Amish communities in about half of the states in the US., with a majority centered around the Midwest. If you don't live in the Midwest, don't worry about it being difficult to purchase handcrafted Amish furniture. While the Amish don't believe in the use of technology, non-Amish people do. These people have set up online websites on behalf of these craftsmen in order to sell Amish furniture. A quick search will give you plenty of sites to choose from.  

Finding beautiful, durable, handcrafted Amish furniture for your home is very simple once you know what you're looking for and where. Any piece of Amish furniture is sure to be a beautiful addition to your home that will last for generations. From pieces for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and more, fill your home with this functional artwork that is sure to be of high quality and crafted with pride.